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October 26th, 2011 and October 29, 2014

Photo Bomb

Sorry, I have not posted pictures in a while with the holidays, going back to work, never ending dishes/laundry and just general sleep deprivation 🙂 it’s hard to get simple things done sometimes.  I am working to make most of the photos on flickr public (currently slugging through behemoth wedding folder) so if you want more pics go to:

As I finish this post Lincoln lies sleeping on my lap with boppy and he is in what Dan calls “milk sleep”.  He is content. As Dan and Adriana slumber, and even Snickers and Clover too, the sun is almost done rising in MN.  I hear the crows cawing and feel the weight of fatigue settling in and I am blown away by how lucky I am.  Lucky to have been blessed with  a healthy Lincoln, blessed with a loving husband who has had to shoulder even more of the financial load as I work less, blessed with a beautiful daughter who brainstorms ways to get Lincoln to stop crying.  🙂  Blessed with two dogs who could have been nutty with a baby but have managed to be on their best behavior.  Outside of the immediate family I am so lucky to be blessed with so many people who love Lincoln. From his grandmas (Grandma Daisy and Mimi) to all of his other relatives and our friends.  I am so thankful to also go back to work and feel the love of the dogs that genuinely missed me.  It was so hard that first day away from Lincoln.  All of those doggie kisses makes being away from my guy tolerable.  Thank you everyone for everything you have ever given to support Lincoln.  Whether it was a gift like the bassinet, Baby Neptune, swing or clothes to even the littlest things like a simple word of kindness; like my boss thanking me for work that I have done to to a “miss you” “love you” from loved ones near and far.  Thank you everyone for all of the acts of kindness, large and small, during this time that we are raising a champion.  🙂

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Bath Time

Bath time!


Chillin' after his bath


Mom makin' him handsome

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