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October 26th, 2011 and October 29, 2014

Lincoln turns seven months old!

Lincoln turned seven months old on Saturday May 26th 2012.  He is really becoming more mobile as he manages to move around on the floor backwards, sideways and…well…he’s working on forwards…  He is proving to be a very inquisitive little boy who loves playing with all electronics and he becomes quite frustrated if he does not get to play with what he wants to play with at that moment.  He is babbling more and more and really likes to hear lots of different types of sounds.  He also enjoys feeling lots of different textures and is still working on his other teeth (we noticed the two he has now 2 months ago).  He loves “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, “Where is Thumbkin?” and most stories although he doesn’t get that you’re not supposed to eat books.

Happy 7 months old day Lincoln!


He's trying to get something... I think Clover came into his room at this point.


Teething is hard work. If you can't find a toy to chew on you have to resort to chewing on your own fingers.


Ahhh...this is the life - relaxing with a chilled teething toy.


Check out that grin and his two lil' teeth.


Now ladies...please, control yourselves. I'm only one baby. ;-P

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NY trip

We survived traveling with a baby!  We had to pack a ton of things (and I stilled missed having some of his toys and other baby tools and distractions).  It was great getting to see my mom (Lincoln’s Grandma Daisy), Greg and Cam.  We were sorry that we didn’t get to see any other family while we were here.  Hopefully we will get to see them soon either back in NY again or even here in MN (come on guys you can’t beat our state fair!  🙂  )

Lincoln with his Grandma Daisy


Lincoln and Dan at the Museum of Natural History


Lincoln loved playing with the little giraffe that came with the pack n play - it helped his teething while in NY


Lincoln outside of Grandma Daisy's house


Lincoln enjoying a stroll at Port Jefferson


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Happy Six Months Old Lincoln!

This post is dedicated to the wish for a speedy and healthy recovery of my mom, Daisy.

Lincoln turned six months old on April 26th 2012.   He had his six month well baby check up yesterday and was found to weigh 20 pounds (87.36 percentile) and is 28 inches long (92.87 percentile).  He is now rolling in both directions (tummy to back and back to tummy).  He is not crawling yet, it’s still early for that, but he is moving around by using his arms and pivoting on his belly.

With his tuning six months he: was able to finally play with some toys he received for Christmas, you’ll see the jumperoo below, will be able to finally go swimming which we are looking forward to his visit with his grandmother Mimi this weekend and was finally introduced to food!  Since he is doing really well in the growth department we waited until he is six months old to introduce food.  We are trying to give him the best start possible by making his own baby food and slowly introducing new foods one week at a time.  His first food was avocado and now we are trying sweet potato.

For more pictures of Lincoln as always please check out:

For a treat also check out Dan’s website since he takes much better pictures than I do 🙂  :

Happy Mother’s Day (in advance)!

Who took this awesome picture of this awesome baby? Big sis Adriana of course!


Happy six months Linc (a.k.a. superlong baby)! Linc thinks: "That's right! Out of 100 babies I'm taller than 92.87 babies...I'm gonna tower over mom!"


Yes, he's sitting up fairly well but doesn't understand gravity yet so we have to stay close by in case he starts to sway.


Freshly prepared avocado? Thank you very much!


Lincoln enjoys his jumperoo quite a bit:


Lincoln crashed out in the jumperoo. (Look dad, just like mom. I can sleep anywhere!)




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