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October 26th, 2011 and October 29, 2014

Lincoln turns 8 months old!

On June 26th 2012 Lincoln turned 8 months old (Snickers turned 8 years old that day as well so I dubbed that day “the day of 8s!”).  Shout out alert: it was also, Lincoln’s cousin, Corgan’s birthday!  Happy 3rd birthday Corgan!

Lincoln still only has his two bottom teeth but others are surely on their way since he has been teething something fierce.  He is now, uh oh, mobile.  He was doing this crawl where he had his left leg up with the knee down (as if it were a rudder).  The crawl was dubbed the “zombie crawl” but he’s gotten a lot better so now he looks less like a crawling baby zombie and just like a mischievous baby.  🙂  When crawling he likes to mess with everything he shouldn’t – like knocking over DVDs, chewing on Wii remotes, knocking over mommy’s books and checking out the air vents.

Enjoy the pictures and video.  As always there are tons of photos (and some video) on my flickr page: There are some pictures up there from Dan’s first Father’s Day and lots more.  We can’t wait to see those of you who haven’t met Lincoln yet and we can’t wait to see those who have met him again!  Take care and stay cool in this heat.  Happy early 4th  of July!


I love when he sticks out his little tongue.  So cute!


Look at that smile!  He is such a happy baby.


Just relaxing…


The life of a baby is sooooo hard. Playing all day, getting carried around or pushed in a stroller, eating…it gets very tiring.

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for…green beans?

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