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October 26th, 2011 and October 29, 2014

Lincoln turns 10 months old

Lincoln turned 10 months old on Sunday.  We can not believe he is two months away from being one year old!!!  This is going to be a picture heavy couple of weeks since we have more Maryland pictures to post (those may be a little bit in coming Dan is super busy at work and those won’t be up until Dan has a chance to post them) and with the state fair upcoming pictures (I have some pictures on Flickr (and a youtube video!!!) but we only went for a little bit in the evening and will get more pictures when we go during the day).  Since I already did an update on Lincoln’s “stats” in the DC/Maryland post I won’t drown you in baby news; however, if you haven’t had a chance to view it (or other posts) this site still has all of the posts we have made since he was born so take a moment and go through them if you like to see how much this little man has grown.


Lincoln is pleased with himself for turning 10 months old! 🙂


*yum* *yum*


Hey guys, just lounging around and trying to crawl off the chair…you know…I have to keep mom on her toes.


Mom realized too late that the flash was on when she took this picture but it made it up here because I am just that cute!


Blended fruit in a pouch? Like dad said – eating like an astronaut!


Imitating Snicker. Hey if he can stare out of the window all day…at least I don’t bark. 🙂




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D.C./Maryland trip

We had another adventure traveling with Lincoln!  We had a great time visiting family and taking in the sights.  At this stage it was actually a little more difficult to travel with Lincoln since he is so much more aware and mobile than he was before.  Not to mention the teething… So, we had to take more toys and other distractions for Lincoln and also had to do a complicated dance of trying to be comfortable on the plane with this mini-man!  At his last doctor visit he clocked in at 29 inches long and weighed 23 pounds; so, it was quite a feat!  He also wanted to touch and teethe and pull up and cruise around..EVERYTHING.  It was a never ending challenge of keeping up with this little man.   We really loved getting to catch up with Darlene, Mickey and Mike.  We really appreciated the Howards’ hospitality.  They welcomed us into their home and went out of their way to make us comfortable; hopefully, Lincoln did not ruin their sleep. We also really appreciated Mike walking all over DC with us.  It turned out to be an oppressively hot day where we were loopy from the sun, crowds and Linc and mama being cranky over not finding comfortable places to feed Lincoln – DC you need to change that!    Also, Wells Fargo needs more ATMs in Chevy Chase – I’m just putting that out there.  🙂  All kidding aside.  We had fun and we were glad to see our family.  We are looking forward to future visits and hope people have a chance to pop on over to Minnesota sometime.  You won’t be able to make this year’s state fair but next year’s is doable.   The pictures below are not the final say of the DC/ Maryland trip.  Dan took all of the ocean pictures of Lincoln and the pictures of Darlene and Mickey with Lincoln so we will get those up here too.  If you want to see anymore you can go to:


This is my favorite picture I took of Lincoln. You can see what a happy baby he is and we also have a shot of those little baby teeth.



Shhh! Be very very quiet. You are witnessing a rare event in Maryland…Lincoln sleeping…


Poor baby was teething so bad during the trip. Luckily these beach toys from the Food Lion worked as teethers (not so much sand castle building though).


Dan looking over Lincoln as Linc gums a sand sifter.

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Sean visits Lincoln

Sean had some “business” 🙂 in MN and came to visit us.  Along the way there was some picture taking.  Even though Lincoln is going through that not so fun separation anxiety and apprehension of unfamiliar faces stage he took to Sean really well.  Lincoln knows how to spot a good person!  Deep down inside he knew what an awesome person Sean is and really warmed up to him.  Sean, we miss you and we had a great time with you here.  Hopefully it wasn’t too hard to sleep in the tent cot with dogs running around and barking at all hours and with a baby getting up multiple times at night to feed.  Despite all of that craziness somehow Sean survived, however, I believe his sunglasses took another detour from their rightful owner…  Here are the pics.  (For those wondering – Who the heck is Sean?  He’s one of Dan’s old, close friends and you may recognize him if you attended our wedding (he officiated)).

Sean and Lincoln hanging out front before the storm rolled in.


I love this picture of Sean and Linc. Why? Just look at Sean’s face. Yup, he’s completely enamored with little Linc. 🙂


Lincoln looks at the sky as if to say – hey, Sean…uhm…I think it’s about to pour out here…


Sean and Lincoln – future partners in crime…?

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Lincoln turns 9 months old!

On July 26th 2012 Lincoln turned 9 months old.  Since his next doctors appointment is not until next week you will have to wait until then to get his specs!  🙂  But I can assure you that he is growing up pretty fast.  More and more he is looking less like a baby and more like a little boy.  He is really capable of eating finger foods now but still hasn’t quite figured it out yet.  He is a good eater and with the exceptions of prunes seems to tolerate if not outright love all of the fruits and veggies he has tried.  He is getting better with a sippy cup.  His crawl is getting better.  He is doing the zombie crawl less and less and can move super fast.  He is pulling himself up on everything and is starting to get a hang of this gravity thing.  He really likes to bang on stuff and babbles a lot but hasn’t officially said anything yet (although he did mimic me one time after I said “I love you” but we’re not counting that one since he didn’t spontaneously say it).  He also loves things with wheels and he still loves water – a lot!  So here are some pics of Lincoln.  You know the drill as always there are a ton of pics on my flickr account: and I keep meaning to put more videos on youtube so you don’t have to wade through a thousand plus pics on my flickr to find them and I will do that, I promise…eventually…  I love and miss you guys.  We hope you are having a fun, albeit sweltering, summer!

Hello everyone! I turned 9 months old…now, how exactly do I climb out of this thing…?


Here kitty…kitty (said to the big cats at the zoo).


Lincoln visits the Children’s Museum for the first time.


I’m just relaxing at home in my cool plaid shorts.


Look at those upper baby teeth!!!


Not a great pictures but still one of my favorites because I took it after he surprised me. I went to the bathroom real quick to brush my teeth and when I came out the little devil was standing up! Keep on bringing those good surprises lil’ one.


We leave you with a belated 4th of July pic in honor of the Olympics. Go for the gold USA! U-S-A!





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