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October 26th, 2011 and October 29, 2014

Lincoln turned 11 months old

Tomorrow is the first day of October.  My how much has changed in the blink of an eye.  On September 26th Lincoln turned 11 months old.  In less than a month he will be one years old.  He has gone from this little tiny babe who couldn’t control his arms or legs to this little boy growing right before my eyes.  Right now the best way to describe him would be as a little force of nature.  His main mode is destruction!  🙂  He likes to pull the books and DVDs off of the shelves, mess with the buttons on the TV, turn on the gas on the stove, eat magnets – you know your basic scare the heck out of mom stuff.  He is doing better with solid foods now although he still seems iffy on items that are more solid (so he loves yo baby yogurt but isn’t quite sure what to make out of the pasta pieces in his bay food).  He is cruisin’ all over the house and giving the dogs (and mom!) mini heart attacks all day long.  He doesn’t get that Clover does not want to have her eyes petted (and when Lincoln pets it’s more like grab a fistful of something).  We are still waiting for his first word and will likely go insane when he hears what he has to say.  And then he’ll probably never stop talking since he surely does love to babble!  🙂  Please enjoy the pictures and video below.  As always if you want to see lots more please visit my flickr page: (Dan has some great ones too at: and then there is youtube:


I just turned 11 months old and all I got was a ride on this swing…AWESOME!!!

I love rolling around on this big chair.


I love playing with my toys.


Opps…did I just call someone? *tee-hee*


Hey…how do I get down from here?


This is my favorite book!


Yo baby yogurt gets two thumbs up.




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MN State Fair

The 2012 MN State Fair will come to a close after Labor Day.  We are sad to see it go but are so happy that we had a chance to bring Lincoln to the state fair.  We are super excited to attend the fair next year.  We tried some new fair foods.  Adriana tried the red velvet funnel cake and it was a hit!  She also tried the Great Balls of Fire.  They apparently tasted good but the included sauces were unnecessary.  Dan and I tried the Sweetie’s Delights. They tasted just like sweet potato pie but were molten lava hot when we tried them (smoke literally came out of Dan’s mouth!!!) and ours had some chocolate sauce or something drizzled on them which detracted a bit from the taste.  In contrast to the molten lava hot Sweeties Dan tried the Breakfast Sliders which were disgustingly cold.  I was going to try the lamb fries until I found out that they are made out of lamb testicles…ewww…no thanks!  Adriana and I both tried alligator for the first time (Dan has already tried this before) and while I will agree with Adriana and Dan that it really does “taste like chicken”, not only was the seasoning weird, but it was a little too chewy for my liking. Lincoln tried some cinnamon ice cream and seemed to think about whether or not he liked it.  To my dismay he completely rejected the gelato I gave him but he did have fun playing with ice as usual!  🙂  At the fair we saw animals (I petted a baby goat *squee!*) and took in some cool (and some creepy – those dolls!) sights.  Lincoln was completely enthralled with the workings of the sky ride (he loved the giant moving gear and all of the clinking and clanking sounds).  We also played some fun people watching games; which is one of the best things to do at the fair.  The first time we went to the fair this year we went at night and stayed to watch the fireworks.  The next time we went during the day (on our anniversary).  Adriana beat us this year by going a third time yesterday with some friends.  We hope some of you get a chance to experience the fair again or for the first time.  From food, to animals, to art exhibits, technology booths, free stuff, blue ribbon recipes, rides, music, fireworks and more it really is the “great Minnesota get together”.  The fair is always held for 12 days with the last day being Labor Day.   Please  consider planning a trip to visit us in MN.  You too can have some fun at the fair!  You don’t have to come during the fair but it is a pretty genius time to come and visit.  I hope everybody has a fun filled Labor Day!

Cinnamon ice cream…? Maybe, I’ll let you know what I think about this…someday…


May the force be with you.


So, if I undo this…how far can I fling this sandal?


It’s too early in the morning for this…


Lincoln loves playing with ice.


Man, it has been a long day. And it was sweltering hot out here. Gaston!!! Wheel me to my chariot!


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