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October 26th, 2011 and October 29, 2014

What has Lincoln been up to?

Lincoln turned 16 months on February 26th and is growing, growing, growing!  When he went to the doctor’s on February 12th he weighed 25 punds ( 77.63rd percentile) and was 32 1/2 inches tall (86.35th percentile).

He has been learning a lot since I last posted on here.  He is super fascinated with clapping right now.  He also can do high fives – although his enthusiasm for this means he goes around smacking everyone…oh well… And sometimes for no reason at all he’ll start spinning like a little top.  He has the cutest little giggle when he does this.

We went to the Dells in early February and while he wasn’t super thrilled about the water parks (he likes splashing but did not like all of the noise or any sort of water depth) he did have a blast in the kids section of the arcade room and loved exploring where we stayed.

He also is starting to become a regular of the Children’s Museum and is having a great time watching other kids and exploring the exhibits.

I’ve included some pictures and some video.  Dan has the best pictures from Wisconsin Dells so you’ll have to wait for those with baited breath but as always if you want to see more you can check out my Flickr page, Dan’s Flickr page or my Youtube page:

The first set of pictures and videos will be from our Wisconsin Dells trip and the following ones will be just a few of my favorites since I last posted.

Wisconsin Dells:

Eating “pouch food” – being in the water makes you tired!




We got sprayed with a water cannon! If you think I’m soaked you should have seen mom she took the brunt of it.




Linc thought it would be a good idea to take the band-aids out and rearrange them on the floor for mommy. Thanks Lincoln! 🙂


Other pictures and videos:

Gonna get ya!


Linc wishes he lived in Hawaii


Lincoln has chocolate cake for the first time


One of Lincoln’s favorite areas at the Minnesota Children’s Museum


Lincoln loves playing in boxes. His old one, literally, broke down; so, his dad gave him a newer model.


Lincoln chooses the smallest box he can fit into to “read” the biggest book he owns.



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