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Hello 2017!

on January 15, 2017

A new year has come and gone.  2016 was full of surprises and lots of memories were made. With each passing day Linc and Griff grow more into themselves.  Since, I have Hamilton on the brain; the phrase “How lucky we are to be alive right now” is reverberating in my head.  One of my core beliefs is that the happiest memories and moments really accumulate from the stuff that we experience daily.  We sometimes overlook these “little” moments and cling to the “big” things – vacations, holidays, etc.  Moments like: Linc helping with his laundry and telling me his plans for each article of clothing as we put it into the wash.  Or Griff throwing the unicorn behind the changing table and exclaiming: “oh no!”.   Me waking up covered in children.  These moments don’t last forever and they can easily be forgotten as time passes but they contribute so much to our daily happiness.  To paraphrase Hamilton, how lucky we are to have each other right now. Here is a peek at some of the memories we made this year:


Double rainbow

Double rainbow

Silly face

Silly face


You'll see the Vikings shirt...a lot

You’ll see the Vikings shirt…a lot

Misters at the sate fair - a blessing

Misters at the sate fair – a.k.a a blessing

Who's a cutie at the state fair?

State fair cutie


Heading to school

Heading to school


Happy birthday Lincoln

Happy birthday Lincoln!


Birthday boy

Birthday boy

Happy Birthday Griffin

Happy birthday Griffin!


Birthday boy busy checking out his bounty

Birthday boy busy checking out a bow


Double birthday party - woo-hoo!

Double birthday party – woo-hoo!


Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!


This winter we have had cold and snow…

snow and

and snow and…

lots and lots of

lots and lots of…




Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Christmas giggles

Christmas giggles

Hello 2017!

Hello 2017!



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